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2007 Budo Course

This year’s participants, I cannot call them students as 75% are Dan grades in their own chosen style, came from Ireland, Manchester, Bognor Regis, Selsey,

Essex, Mansfield ,Grimsby, London and Nottingham

On the Saturday with 67 of us, we split into three groups , having two large matted areas and lots of floor space, starting with Judo and Wing Chung

Followed by Eskrima /Tai Chi /Aikido

As the weekend unfolded there were also classes in Ju Jutsu , Jo Work and

Spear and Sabre in the Tai Chi class.

The Judo classes composed of  Traditional Zen Judo, The  Gonosen No Kata,

a ground work Kata, arm locks and strangles and some exercises of  moving smoothly with control from technique to technique whilst on the ground.


No injuries were reported to me all weekend which is good.

Michael Reid from Belfast Zen Judo was presented with a well deserved

2nd Dan Grade  honour

Two students from Manchester  Shiro no Zen Dojo were presented with their 1st Kyu (Brown Belts) 

Congratulations to all three,

On the Saturday evening 50 of us went for a meal

While 20 stayed in their Hotel and drank the place dry

( No names but look North)  


Teachers this Year were  

Andrew Millard B.E.M.

Chris Moslin

Antony Richards

Gordon McGowan

Richard  Cottrell

Bill Murray

George Launders

Radcliffe’s Teachers

Three things stood out to me this year

The enthusiasm and talent of the teachers and students 

The excellent skill and control of all the teachers and the presentation of each art

My thanks to all who helped in the organising of the event i.e.

Teaching /administration/ feeding everybody/ Setting up and moving mats ect. 


Gordon Lawson

Shihan    Radcliffe Zen Judo Club


The course was held over two days with the emphasis on trying different arts and having fun whilst we learnt .
The teachers were all excellent in the friendly and efficient way
they taught the 50 students . Teachers and arts in no particular order
Chris Moslin  Aikido ,Jim Dart  Small circle Ju Jitsu , John Brooks Iaido ,Gordon McGowan  Tai Chi Chun, Ben Ledwick and Paul King  kempo Ju jitsu, Anne Parker,George Launders
Jim Dart, Alan Barker Keith Harby Judo, Graham Padgett, Stick work. Keith Harby  Wing Chun
Many thanks to Leeroy Blake and Graham Padgett for being Uki's and we hope the pain goes away soon boys.
George Launders and Sean Nuttall gave an excellent Nage-No- Kate demonstration.
The course was full up and unfortunately some missed out this Year .The moral of this  Book early for 2007
The students and teachers were all fed with a hot meal on both days well done to the backroom helpers  

Our 2005 course was held in the sports hall to give us a larger area to work in. We had 10 instructors and 55 students over the two days, who despite the snow travelled to join us for the weekend.

The Arts we trained in were Judo Katama Waza/Judo Kata/

 Judo Tachi Waza/Aki Ju-Jutsu

Tai Chi /Small circle Ju-Jutsu/ Aikido locks and throws/ Karate

Ko-Budo/ Iaido/Bokken work .

Our catering staff provided us with a cooked meal each day as well as a buffet at the evening party.

It was also a good time to present some extremely well deserved

Dan Grade honours,

British Zen Judo Dan Grades

Anne Parker and George Launders to 4th Dan

Amanda Lawson to 2nd Dan

Karl McCullough and Michael Reid to 1st Dan


Stuart Edwards and Tom Williams to 2nd Dan

Teachers and students came from Belfast/Devon/

Bognor Regis/Manchester/Reading/London/Nottingham


Kata course for Thatchem Zen judo Club
Shihan Gordon Lawson,Sensei's  Anne Parker and Graham Padgett  taught the Randori no Kata   ie:- Nage no Kata and Katame no Kata in an intensive 6 hour course  to give them a basic understanding of the Kata's  

Kata course at the Shiro-no-Zen Judokwai in Manchester
Shihan Gordon Lawson and Sensei Alan Barker taught the Katame No Kata and the Itsutsu no kata for the senior class. For the childrens class a fun kata of groundwork which teaches them to roll out of armlocks, hold downs and escapes.
We were treated to the usual Bury hospitalty and we all had a excellent day. 


This year we choose to limit the numbers of students down to 30 to enable the Instructors to teach weapons such as spear and sabre in the Tai Chi class
Over both days we ended up with 35 per day including teachers which turned out to be just enough to give two good mat area’s for the students to work in safety.
The Arts we trained in were Judo Katama Waza/Judo Kata/ Judo Tachi Waza /Tai Chi Spear and Sabre/Small circle Ju-Jutsu/ Aikido locks and throws/ Karate
Ko-Budo/ Iaido/Bokken work .
Instructors who gave up their weekend to teach were
John Cox
Gordon McGowan
Brian Morrison
John Brooks
Jim Dart
Zac Newton
Leyroy Blake
Paul Perkins
Graham Pagett
George Launders
Keith Harby
Gordon Lawson
The class consisted of a mix of Dan Grades and students from
Belfast /Manchester / Bognor / Nottingham/ Essex / Devon / Mansfield.

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