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SITE updated Febuary 2023

The British Zen Judo Family Association was formed in December 1999 to allow groups of like minded clubs and individuals to a structured and orderly association of small clubs practicing Martial Arts along traditional lines.
We meet to teach and practice a traditional style of judo and self-defense to adults and children in a safe and enjoyable manner, without feeling the need to prove our art in a competitive environment.
Physical Benefits.
Improved reflexes and co-ordination
Increased strength and stamina
Increased flexibility and weight control
great cardiovascular work out
Mental Benefits.
Inproved concentration and stress reduction
The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are able to protect your family and yourself
Increased self confidence and self discipline
British Zen Judo Clubs
Radcliffe Zen Judo Club        Nottinghamshire
Basford Zen Judo Club       
Shiro-no Zen Judo Club        Manchester
Bognor Zen Judo Club              Bognor
Todmorden Judo Club          Yorkshire      
All British Zen Judo Clubs each have a duty to see that all the relevant insurances are in place for students and instructors
Rule is No insurance No Judo.