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The Martial Arts Teacher


The relationship of the teacher to the dojo is varied. The teacher is a father an advisor and a chastiser. The teacher though different is the same as every one else. He is human and deserves respect, for he has travelled a long way.

A good teacher can convey the appropriate knowledge at the correct time, see and help correct students problems. Show no favour be kind but firm to beginners on the path. Become harder on the students who progress.

He can be kind and understanding, he can be hard, He can be compassionate.

Though all these trials his heart is forever with them. He listens when they speak and tries to understand their feelings.

He is active in a subdued way . He gives while others take and asks no rewards. He is sad, He is happy, He is let down, He is uplifted, He holds to the way, for that is him.

He may be abused, blamed or criticized but he persists, that is why he is a teacher.


If you have a good martial arts teacher , take good care of him.

We can say that Judo is an art because it is a method of arriving at self-realization and true self-expression. We can further say that Judo is a science because it implies mastery of various laws of nature: gravity, friction, momentum, velocity, weight transmission, and unison of forces. In its most important phase, it constitutes a kind of higher logic developed through practice and the ascencion of the true personality: a realization of the spiritual self in the philosophic rather than the religious sense of the word.


Dan Grade Register

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Grades recognized by the
The World Budo Development Society



Gordon Lawson FIMAS Shihan  7th Dan

Andrew Millard  B.E.M.  7th Dan  

6th Dan Grade

 Bartolome Canellas Cardona    (Spain) 

George Launders 


5th Dan Grade

Brian Morrison                

Kevin Garwood   

Michael Healy

Alan Barker

Anne Parker

4th Dan Grade

Grahame Padgett

Trevor Garwood

Keith Harby

Frank Schneider -shihan Germany

William Perry

3rd Dan Grade

Chris Lamborne

Andy Lamborne

Neil Bartholomew

Richard Glasson

Craig Lawson

Dean Lewis

2nd Dan Grade

John Robertson   

Neil Hopkinson

Amanda  Lawson

Martin Robertson

Philip Martin

Nick Astill

Mark Hore

1st Dan Grade


Tahir Mohammad

Ian Harper

Byran Rex

Martin Folan

Sharna Robertson

Andrew Hopkinson

Yvonne Robertson

David Bennington

Philip Davis

Lee Frost

Daniel Hopkinson

Annabell Pawlikow

Marc Hagone

Charlie Brudenell

Joshua R Pulman

Roslyn Crossley

Josh Astley

Gareth Gladwin

Alex Gladwin

Katie Phipps

Connor Lewis



Sensei Dominick McCarthy 8th Dan